Fast fashion pandora jewelry

Pandora (Pnadora) was born in 1982 in Denmark, is only the beginning of a local jewelry store. In 2000, the flagship product Moments series and beaded bracelets on sale, the original “string bracelet decoration” concept, bracelets and beaded split sold separately, then get sought after by consumers. 2015, the company’s revenue / net profit reached 16.74 billion /36.7 billion Danish kroner, 12–15 compound annual growth rate reached 36% / 45.1%; nearly ten thousand of its store network covering 6 continents, in more than 100 countries and regions.

We believe that Pandora success include: 1) high-frequency push new sales + split, chase “affordable popular front.” High frequency push new (year seven new product launches) to ensure that the product has continued to attract and impact, reducing the sales split single epistemic consumption threshold; while each new DIY beaded can mix and match overlay, repeat further stimulate consumer spending, chase “affordable popular front”; 2) DIY with + theme design, tell ‘exclusively for your romantic story. ” Pandora product is extremely rich, only the 2015 year launched a total of 446 models designed products.

Rich, diverse and different themes of DIY products provide consumers with a rich creative design, so that different consumers based on personal preferences and design different scenarios DIY bracelet, telling “exclusively for your romantic story”; 3) the vertical integration of industrial chain, cast “the best products and the consumer experience.” Vertical integration strategy greatly enhances Pandora supply chain management and control capabilities to ensure outstanding product design quickly on the new on-line (7 times a year on the new Pandora, since the category difference, rapid response to the requirements of the production side is not as Zara and other apparel brands so extreme); experience, highly controllable concept of big stores (flagship store) is to ensure the quality front-end shopping experience, created the “best product and the consumer experience.”

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