The establishment of LBS ecological system

In the development trend of mobile Internet, all kinds of applications embedded in the location service capabilities, the realization of the explosive growth. In the mobile social, audio and video entertainment, mobile games, smart travel and other areas, for the people’s life to provide great convenience.

At present, the location service industry is facing a common challenge is not enough rich and accurate data, location and real-time data and accuracy are to be improved. Therefore, the richness and integrity of data ecology has become the key.

Different mobile devices hardware performance, location and other factors will make the data deviation. In this regard, Ma Zhe who admitted: “We will deviate from some of the data processing, the number of data sources together for comparison and identification, and then provide users with the most accurate service.

“We provide services to each partner, and our partners contribute to the ecosystem,” he said in an interview. “Based on this, we generate the most comprehensive, real-time, and accurate , The most intelligent of a geographical location data and traffic travel data of a system. “He believes that artificial intelligence is actually just a means, the most basic is to have data, when the data is rich enough to produce value.

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