Silver jewelry and gold jewelry can not be worn together

Silver jewelry and gold ornaments are common on the market of small jewelry, but also by everyone’s favorite, then they can not wear together, this you know? Xiaobian today to tell you why, why not wear!

Silver and gold can not be the same wear, will lead to silver to yellow. Of course, even if not loaded at the same time, a long time, silver or oxidation discoloration, whether it is electroplating or no plating!

Silver jewelry containing germanium, silver jewelry in the germanium is in contact with the skin to trace form into the skin into the body, it is best to wear regularly. Note that the silver in the production of mostly rough and hard, and gold jewelry texture is soft, fine workmanship, when both wear, due to the daily activities of the two will often collide, silver products will scratch the gold jewelry Surface, on the one hand damage the beauty of gold jewelry, on the other hand, the silver surface with a trace of gold ions, so that the germanium can not be directly and skin contact, thus affecting its health effects, so do not join with gold jewelry Wear.

Silver is an active metal, easy to react chemically with the sulfur in the air, making the silver black. So wear as little as possible when in contact with the air, should not be concentrated in places of chemical gas wear. Contact with sulfur soap, you must immediately wipe dry. The chloride in the sweat also has an effect on the silver.

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