The founder of car company left

On February 14, 2015, a drop of a taxi and a quick taxi announced the merger, after the car industry to start a rapid burn war. In order to win more market share, in more than six months, the drop over 30 billion US dollars to complete the financing, excellent steps to complete the ultra-2 billion US dollars of financing, this battle is easy to unprepared, easy to the then Stock funds simply can not be compared with the drops and excellent step.

Subsequently, in October as the music is easy to 70% holding, so dying was easy to “revive”, easy to 6 months in advance to complete the music as the chairman of Jia Yue Ting three million goals.

In February of this year, easy to usher in the personnel changes, the original music as Holdings CMO Peng steel airborne easy to serve as president, responsible for the big market, sales and other services. Sun served as vice president of investment and financing and easy to director, responsible for its investment and financing business. The founder Zhou Hang as CEO, responsible for easy to the overall strategy and organizational management.

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