On-site jewelry processing and renovation

Jewelry on-site processing, renovation, processing staff can really prevent the “little tricks”? Recently, Liuyang Guandu Tianjiao Village, a man to the scene in the name of processing jewelry, transfer package of jewelry.

On September 25, Grandma Lee in a stall on the processing of their jewelry at night to look carefully, she felt the material and processed before the different. Asked some of the same jewelry in the processing of the booth, she found that we all feel that jewelry has changed. Aware of the possibility of being cheated, and everyone will call the police.

Originally, the stall operators Hu three (a pseudonym) bought a set of online “jewelry processing equipment”, in September 22 to 25 in Liuyang Guandu Tianjiao village rented a small stall, start the jewelry processing business. Many people will own the old copper jewelry to let Hu three processing. Hu three to provide some of the jewelry style for customer selection. After the customer to choose a good style, he will bring customers jewelry into the processing equipment, the “processing.” Soon, a piece of copper jewelry to meet customer requirements will be “baked” the. According to the “processing” situation, Hu San will charge 20 yuan to 50 yuan “processing fee.” Just 4 days, there are more than 100 people visited Hu three booths.

Police investigation found that Hu three in advance to buy a number of online only a few dollars cheaper brass jewelry, and in accordance with the different styles into the so-called “jewelry processing equipment.” When customers come to processing jewelry, Hu 3 will be the customer’s jewelry into the processing equipment, and then press the so-called processing button, people mistakenly thought it was on-site processing. Then, he then prepared in advance of cheap jewelry to the customer.

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