Xiaomi equity financing platform

“Internet finance in other areas, such as payment and financial management, development has been relatively mature, the market structure has also been relatively stable .As a latecomer, it is difficult to say can grasp the special advantage.” Mickey gold CEO Zhao Minghui that equity financing Is still in the initial stage, the market space is broad, there is the possibility of developing a larger platform.

Zhao Minghui mentioned a set of figures. The first half of 2016, the domestic new registration of about 2.62 million enterprises, an increase of 26%, an average of 14,000 new registration per day.

In the equity market, the first half of the domestic angel fund investment total of 818, involving the amount of 5.2 billion yuan, down 35%, respectively, 7%; VC fund investment in the first half of a total of 1264, involving an amount of 58.5 billion, respectively, year on year reduction of 33 %, 12%. “The current venture capital market, although not on the capital winter is experiencing, but also showing the state of cool autumn cool.” Zhao Minghui said.

Zhao Minghui said, M-gold service will be through two aspects of the program on-line projects to control. In the platform, Mizhi Jinfu through a professional team to assess the risks of the project; outside the platform, M-chip gold service to emphasize that each project must first be at least one investment institutions recognized and willing to the project Leadership to be on-line.

It is reported that M-gold service platform team with the Shanghai Financial Office, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Ali and the network and other financial background and resources. Zhao Minghui and chairman of the M gold-jackets are from the Shanghai Finance Office. Among them, Zhao Minghui previously served as deputy director of the Shanghai Financial Office listed on the reorganization, has led the preparation of Shanghai Insurance Exchange, Shanghai equity custody trading center and other financial platforms.

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