Can I wear jewelry during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the mothers are all aspects of the body are changing. Estrogen, progesterone levels will be increased, and the secretion of more growth hormone. At the same time, Baomu’s metabolism will be changed, the body prone to Shuinazhuliu, the formation of tissue swelling. Thus, many Baomu fingers, arms, legs and so will be a corresponding thicker, and even the nose will become larger. For example, ring ring size is fixed. When the pregnant mother ‘s fingers thicker, because of too tight and affect the limb blood circulation, severe edema in the second trimester, may also cause the ring too tight can not remove the consequences. Similarly, the bracelet can not wear.

Wear these items do check-ups will also have trouble, even in the operating room to be produced will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble, such as impeding the infusion, venipuncture and so on. Of course, to go to the hospital to be prenatal, doctors generally remind you to remove all the jewelry to stay at home, so as not to affect delivery in the delivery room anesthesia disinfection or custody disputes. Like jewelry such as rings, even after birth, it is not recommended to wear, accidentally scratch the baby tender skin is not good.

Many people believe that the performance of pure gold or silver jewelry or stable, the probability of skin hypersensitivity. However, because Baoma is in a special period, the surrounding environment is extremely sensitive, even before pregnancy is not allergic to gold and silver, there is no guarantee of pregnancy will not be allergic. Many pregnant mothers because wearing necklaces, rings and other jewelry, resulting in local skin itching, burning, erythema, peeling or generalized urticaria, they are not allergic to these things before, but even after the pregnancy allergy.

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