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In China’s feudal history, since the Qin emperor unified the six countries, the dynasties are no lack of well-known historical figures have been recorded in history. The founding emperor Liu Bang is one of them. As we all know, Liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu in the Chu-Han War, the establishment of the Han Dynasty, as the founding emperor. And Liu Bang ascended the throne, has more than 50 years old, can be said to be late.

If the story of Liu Bang to describe the current Internet industry, then Netease is very similar with Liu Bang. As a set up nearly 20 years of Internet giants, in gold nine silver ten occasion held conference.

Netease as the Internet industry’s well-known enterprises, will be positioned itself in a “attitude of the enterprise.” This attitude is a new style, to meet the current user to read tastes and aesthetic requirements to pass information. Perhaps it is such an attitude was derived from the NetEase Group’s cloud service brand “NetEase cloud.” Netease in the product launch, the first launch of “NetEase cloud”, and officially released the Netease hive, NetEase video cloud, and so a series of cloud services products. The conference was held, but also indicates that NetEase cloud officially joined the Red Sea into the cloud.

In the conference site, NetEase CEO Ding Lei in the promo that “to solve the national tens of thousands of programmers,” announced the first to invest billions of yuan, in order to maintain the current competitive cloud computing continues to force. To tell the truth, when I saw this promo, I was a bit shocked. Ding boss as the Internet industry, the first batch of entrepreneurs, the Netease has ranked one of the four major portals. Has 19 years of Internet technology and resource accumulation, but after all, has been considered conservative strategy style, this time in the field of cloud computing, the obvious style of mutations, several sets of figures enough to bring out the “This time we are serious” momentum. Then the NetEase cloud, will set off a wave of the industry do?

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