China should be proud of Jack Ma

Ma criticized the attitude we have to choose one. Look at a business field is not easy to rush out of the winner, not to saints standards to request. Ma is not perfect, I often criticize, but Ma to the point today, he has been worthy of our great admiration. We should also criticize him for his better, not to deny him!

Therefore, the same criticism, we must make a narrow and open choice! Like Taobao model, indeed relentlessly rolling a lot of traditional industries, sweeping autumn leaves general, thin thousands of households, a fat Ali. Indeed, very cruel. However, after all, e-commerce is the future trend. Ma’s sinister and vicious, but the trend is bound to greatly accelerate the arrival, greatly accelerating it. You can criticize the means of Ma hard point, but should not negate the direction of e-commerce. Another example of Alipay event, indeed the spirit of the contract is owed, regardless of big reason, and then a better explanation, are irreparable. However, in this environment in China, the rise of entrepreneurship on the road, Ma “trick” approach, the ultimate is to make every shareholder to earn more money, so that the development of more controllable Ali, the situation is more open. Very imperfect, but there may not be a better way than the current results.

As a Chinese, in any case, should be proud of Ma, with him, the popularity of China’s e-commerce greatly accelerated the process of China’s Internet much ahead of China’s high-tech field achieved a significant increase in height. And if we are still on the Buyiburao Ma, then our best way is: look forward to the emergence of a more perfect Ma latecomers, can greatly exceed him.

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