Wedding jewelry sales has increased significantly

Into the end of the wedding period, gold, jewelry sales continue to rise. Guangzhou, 100 new Dah Sing, Wangfujing Department Store, Teemall City Department Store, modern department stores and other stores within the brand gold counters were introduced as low as 7% discount, and some jewelry styles and even a mouth Price promotion is equivalent to 6 fold.

Reporters patrol shop found that during the National Day, hundreds of gold jewelry building launched hundreds of gold per gram 308 yuan and free manual fee concessions, making the public to buy gold goods enthusiasm. In addition, the National Day holiday many visitors to Guangzhou Pearl River Delta shopping, also boost sales of gold jewelry. According to the relevant person in charge of Canton 100, the first day of the holiday, shopping malls usher in a lot of customers to buy gold jewelry, ring, necklace, bracelet sales are very good.

Li Shunde from Shunde side of the selection of the dragon and phoenix bracelets, while told reporters, “holiday to play in Guangzhou, the way to help his family to buy some gold jewelry for marriage in the big shopping malls to buy a lot of gold Kaopu, Here to buy. ”

Spotted the traditional autumn wedding season in October business opportunities, friendship stores should be open section of the wedding season theme activities led to a comprehensive hot season. Jewelry Of customers accounted for a large proportion of shopping malls passenger.

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