Ali cloud stop nearly 100 million times attack over the internet

Dressed in clean and crisp white shirt, nose bridge with a pair of glasses, a trace of a smile in a mild. Born in 1970, Hu Xiaoming talked about cloud strategy and big data to come out, professional and refined. This is the reporter’s initial impression of President Ali Yun Hu Xiaoming.

In early September, G20 summit to attract the attention of countries around the world where Alibaba in Hangzhou. Behind the event, many people are difficult to perceive the team quietly play a security role, Ali cloud is one of them.

It is reported that during the G20, Ali cloud to help the government and institutions on the cloud site to intercept more than 100 million attacks, banned the 3.16 million for malicious attacks on government Web site IP, to protect the cloud on the government website security.

Ali cloud powerful computing power and security protection has been recognized by the industry and customers. In 2015, the “calculation of the Olympic Games,” said the Sort Benchmark global ranking race, Ali Yun even broken four world records. With less than 7 minutes (377 seconds) to complete the 100TB data sorting, breaking the previous world record of 23.4 minutes.

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