Pandora jewelry is unexpected to get slowdown in revenue

After two years of rapid growth exaggerated in recent years the global explosion of red Danish jeweler Pandora A / S (CPH: PNDORA) Pandora represents 2016 revenue growth will be narrowed to 14% in fiscal year 2015 the Group’s revenue growth as high as 40.2% (an increase of 28.9% of fixed exchange rates) from the same period last year 11.942 billion Danish kroner rose to 16.737 billion Danish kroner.

In addition to slowing sales growth, the Group is exposed to the weak global economy will also slow down the pace of expansion is expected in 2016 to add 250 concept stores, and in 2015 the company added 392.

Despite the slowdown in revenue and expansion slowed, but the above data Pandora A / S can still exceed all industry, not all retailers. The Group’s performance or whether it is in the open market over the past two years are the global retail market, especially in the luxury market downturn under the most dazzling company.

Policy Pandora A / S resembling jewelry industry Zara and H & M, the company more than 60% of revenue comes from about 1802 namesake brand concept store, as of the end of 2015 the Group’s financial operations in the global total of 9271 points of sale. As of December 31, 2015, concept store channels recorded a revenue of DKK 10.39 billion, accounting for 62.1%, while the rate in the fourth quarter amounted to 69.3%, the highest concept store revenue growth for the whole channel, the annual increase of 54.1% in the fourth quarter an increase of 60.6%, with the transformation of the Group channel strategy, expected income share and concept store growth will continue to rise. In early 1, Pandora A / S Pandora when you publish preliminary results for 2015, showing the next three years 60% of the brand concept store will open in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, respectively, occupy the remaining 20%. 2016 China plans 30 new stores in 2017 and 2018 will be increased by 25. Further, in the 2015–2019 years, the Group will increase from Thailand to double the current energy and investment of about 1.8 billion Danish kroner. Now Pandora A / S Pandora among the world’s 15,000 employees, 10,400 work in Thailand Gemopolis jewelry industrial park.

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