What should we pay attention to when buying gold jewelry?

According to the national jewelery name standards, where the artificial production of jade jewelry must be marked in the name of the production methods, such as man-made green diamonds, synthetic emerald and so on.

But unscrupulous businessmen posing as artificial jewelery jewelry sold to consumers, there are some businesses posing as ruby ​​stones to crystal glass posing as crystal.

Jewelry mosaic cover “100 ugly” to buy gold jewelry attention to the issue of quality is not high jewelry, some businesses often through the mosaic way to make jewelry look very “upscale”, the common tricky possession of flaw law, fight law, pad lining, filling Method, coating method, dyeing method.

Showcase exhibits, samples for the real thing, but the actual purchase of fakes, the average consumer is difficult to distinguish the difference between the two things to buy back and see the spots do not match.

Only marked in English to buy gold jewelry Note that there is no Chinese characters. According to regulations, gold, silver, platinum jewelry products should have numbers and letters of identification, on the label, the business must be marked with the standard Chinese name, composition, content and special treatment process.

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