China Jade Jewelry Hundred Flowers Award will be announced

Chinese arts and crafts, jade carving, stone carving industry are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the news, this is the Chinese jewelry, jade carving circles national highest award – “2016 Chinese jade jewelry Hundred Flowers Award” selection results.

According to the China Light Industry and Jewelry Center Hundred Flowers Award Organizing Committee introduced, tight and orderly display of public exhibitions and the closure of the selection work until September 29 end of the selection results will be announced.

According to “Hundred Flowers Award” Organizing Committee, the current “Hundred Flowers Award” participating works show four “new” features: new works, new generation, new techniques, new performance. Among them, the “new generation” means that many works are from the “80” hand.

According to the organizing committee, more than 1,300 pieces of works, involving the main jade producing areas, brings together the fine works of fine practitioners. Participate in a variety of rich and varied, from the earliest only and nephrite, jade, jade, development to this year, the material of the entries cover all kinds of domestic jade species, there are many years of high-end collection of jade materials and new species found jade. Drawing range from the country also extended to foreign countries, foreign crystal, ocean stone, agate, etc. have been used to carry forward the “Chinese dream” of the quintessence of art creation. This also reflects the jade carving art is being more and more accepted and recognized by the market, while promoting the quality of the industry to enhance and enrich the people’s cultural life.

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