No profit found for alipay film in short term

A week ago, Ali large entertainment section just after a personnel “unrest.” Layout of ten years, Ali Group of great expectations of the great entertainment, but until June of this year, Ali entertainment from the scattered business lines in the integration of the “forum” concept. Ali Pictures, and it at the end of 2015 from the acquisition of Alibaba Group, Taobao film, in this integration plays a “Health coincides with” the important role.

In May this year, Ali Pictures officially renamed Taobao film Amoy votes, and announced Amoy votes have been 17 million A round of financing. Ali Pictures CEO Zhang Qiang directly said Amoy votes will be located in the Pan-entertainment industry marketing platform. At this point, from 2014 on-line has been selling tickets in the Taobao film, began a magnificent change in identity.

The end of last year, the era of lithography and Guevara together; in April this year, officially announced the completion of micro-era C + round of financing, the company valued at $ 2 billion; May, ray media, Of the shares, the two sides after consultation, the final valuation of 8.336 billion cat eye to reach a deal. Amoy votes and lithography, the cat’s eye, to catch up with the online ticketing platform blowout years, but also opened the field of Internet warfare Competition, “Three Kingdoms era.”

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