Fresh electricity business is more painful than 3C

This afternoon, Jingdong, vice president, Jingdong Fresh Wang Xiaosong, president of the Department for the first time out of their own fresh electricity providers on some of the thinking. Wang Xiaosong bluntly, the layman to see fresh electric business is very plump, very realistic after the admission of skinny, and said he took over fresh, the industry found more pain than 3C.

But in spite of this, Wang Xiaosong still propaganda rivals, “fresh electricity Jingdong do not do business, I believe no one can do.”

Refers to the fresh electricity business bitter, Wang Xiaolong said: “This industry is mainly a loss of suffering, the whole fresh industry, the average loss rate of 35% -40%, which is why the second half of last year to this year after another a lot of fresh electricity Business enterprises do not go on, there is no new funds into the capital chain is very easy to go wrong.

Second, the current total amount of fresh electricity supplier is not, “there are data that fresh electricity penetration of 10%, I think that only up to 2%, add up to not more than 50 billion.” Wang Xiaosong frankly, do not understand Health Fresh industry, people will think that fresh electricity providers are very plump, came in after that is very skinny.

However, despite the cost of access to customers, service costs and other problems, but also talked about the Jingdong Jingxiao Song fresh electricity supplier to do the reason, “corporate responsibility is on the one hand, the other hand, the market is really great, Of the scale is 49.7 billion in 2018 (expected) will be to 236.5 billion, in addition, China ‘s consumer spending upgrade is our opportunity.

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